Our Advanced Online Directory and Media Kit Systems Integrate With Our Lead Response Services

In addition to superb and comprehensive web site-building services, all IMS web sites are fully integrated into our online lead-capture, advertiser push and generation services -- an advanced, ultra-flexible, leading-edge online system with many powerful front-end and back-end features and tools for creating, building, hosting and maintaining web sites.

Our advanced content management system (CMS) offers power and flexibility to clients wishing to implement branded, feature-rich, flexible, knowledge-based web sites in directory, buyer's guide, event, microsite, reader service, promotional/marketing and media kit formats -- with multiple options for listing advertisers and their content, capturing visitor details, eCommerce / ROI capabilities, and pushing leads.

Compare the IMS online system with the alternatives - and make the smart choice!

  • Time- and Cost-Effective Solutions: Whether you need creative branded and customized online solutions for a web site, or quick deployment of several out-of-the-box targeted advertiser microsite capabilities, IMS is known for successful online and lead-generation implementations at a fraction of the cost of competing solutions or in-house building.

  • Greater Innovation: With all our resources dedicated to a single platform, we can focus on delivering more innovative functionality, which you then can use to drive innovation in your online sites and promotional programs. In addition, you have the option of bundling all your IMS lead-generation and ad-tracking programs into a single centralized reporting tool!

  • Rapid Lead-Time: Not only can you get up and running faster with the IMS system (all you need is the materials and a relatively modest budget), you can get your web site and online marketing and lead-generation programs out the door faster -- and deliver leads to your clients faster, too.

  • 24/7: Our system and clients web sites are hosted at a state-of-the-art data center that provides best-in-class infrastructure and service with security as the cornerstone. The IMS data center is engineered to address the “need for speed" that is integral to the entire user experience.
  • Development & Service: IMS's unique online integrated system is maintained and hosted by a full-scale internal team of project managers, graphic designers, and I.T. professionals that conceive, develop and deploy a wide range of cost-effective online initiatives, strategies and solutions for our clients, all supported by a robust back-end response tracking system.

  • Streamlined IT Complexity: With the IMS system there's no need to introduce a new infrastructure into your IT environment. Our system integrates with many types of third-party software. And, your IT staff will appreciate the change since it will free up their time to work on more mission-critical online initiatives.

  • License vs. Ownership: Our no-hardware, no-software solution eliminates the obvious up-front and ongoing costs associated with building your own internal system. With our high-quality service, we significantly reduce hidden costs, and are much more responsive to you and your customers' needs.

  • Data flexibility: If your corporate online needs or initiatives change, you can easily move your information and data in-house.

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