Now companies and advertising agencies can evaluate their campaigns and determine how well they stack up against the competition. Get the answers to some very important questions:

  • Do my competitors have more exposure than I do?
  • What markets are the other brands targeting?
  • Is there a magazine or a website that my competitors are in that I am not?
  • What is their message? Is mine just as strong?
  • How large are their ads compared to my own?
  • Does my competition get better ad placement than I do?

ADSPYDER is the most comprehensive magazine ad-tracking service available in the country. Not only a snapshot of what companies have done in the past but a day-to-day window of just where, what and how companies are spending their advertising dollars.

IMS's AdSpyder product includes:

  • All the advertising for all the advertisers in over 2,500+ magazines in over 200 business-to-business and consumer markets.
  • Electronic Tearsheets™ to track the creative used by the selected advertisers.
  • Email-delivered alerts which notify you of when new magazines are added to advertising schedules.
  • Weekly updates and is available to you online 24/7.


Competitor View, Prepare Media Plans and Pitching New Business:

Use "Competitor View" within the IMS AdSpyder system to see just where competitors are placing their magazine advertising dollars.

Competitor View is just the ticket if you require the magazine advertising information across a spectrum of SRDS markets for a specific group of advertisers. A must-have for effective advertising planning.

Managing a company's advertising budget professionally requires you to keep a sharp eye on just what your competition is up to. Accurate competitive information is invaluable in preparing annual plans and determining adequate budgets. The information we can deliver to you is the most comprehensive available anywhere. Most of the over 200 markets we monitor include every major magazine in that market.

Just give us the names of those companies that compete with your own (or your client, if you are an advertising agency) and leave the rest to AdSpyder.


Market View
A new business prospecting tool for advertising agencies. A dynamic tool that easily identifies who best can become a new account.

Market View is just the ticket if you require information on all the magazine advertising across an entire SRDS market. Indispensable for leveraging your present market knowledge in tracking down new clients. The most comprehensive window, advertiser-by-advertiser, on the total magazine advertising activity in any one of over 200 SRDS markets.

No doubt your agency has gained in-depth experience in specific markets as a result of existing account assignments. Why not exploit this experience by finding non-competitive accounts in the same market? By choosing the market of interest to you, we give you all the information you need to zero in on the accounts that represent the best potential for you.


And for your convenience, IMS accepts payment by credit card.


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